Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2016

Christian Unity 2016 - 19th January at 8.00pm
St Patrick’s Church, Stonebridge

The 2016 material was prepared for worldwide use by the Christians of Latvia. Today, Latvia is a crossroads where Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox regions meet. Gathered together by the Archbishop of Rīga, members of a variety of church communities and projects in Latvia were asked to reflect on the chosen theme and the experience of their work. The main service is inspired by the verses from Peter’s letter and Jesus’ metaphors of salt and light which are important cultural themes for Latvia.

Our parish will mark the 2016 week of prayer with the now usual celebration led by Father Oliver Brennan PP. The rector of St Matthew’s Church, Richhill has been invited as guest preacher and invitations have been sent to: Methodist, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Society of Friends congregations in our parish area.

The Order of Service, prayers and scripture readings will be in accordance with Guidance by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland in the Booklet: Salt of the Earth which has been compiled this year by the Christian Churches of Latvia.