Father Oliver Brennan PP with Young Pioneers following their Ceremony of Commitment

Pioneer Total Abstinence Association Kilmore Centre

Promoting Sobriety For A Better Society

During Sunday morning Mass on 25 June 2017, in St Patrick’s Church Stonebridge, ten young people made their promise as Young Pioneers; to abstain from taking alcohol until they are at least 18 and to refuse to take unlawful drugs for life.   The ceremony involved the blessing and distribution of Young Pioneer emblems and was structured to ensure that the Young Pioneers made their personal commitment supported by  declarations of their parents and the congregation.  The proceedings were set out in an attractive booklet designed for the occasion by Sheila Morgan President, Kilmore Pioneer Centre and Michelle McGrane,  In addition all those present were given a souvenir card which explained the Heroic Offering. At the commencement of the ceremony, Father Oliver spoke of the virtue of Temperance as a spiritual gift and also made reference specifically to the risks of very young teenagers damaging their health by consuming alcohol while their nervous system was still developing and the often disastrous outcomes from experimenting with illicit substances.  After Mass the Young Pioneers, together with parents and other parishioners joined the Children’s Sunday Liturgy group which was celebrating the end of the school year in the Parish Pastoral Centre.