Finance Committee

The Finance Committee are currently made up of the following people:

  • Chair: Very Rev Oliver Brennan PP
  • Secretary:  Alison McCullagh
  • Malachy Hamill
  • Patrick McCann
  • Paul McGrane
  • Donal McKeever
  • Patrick Morgan

Parish Collections & Financing

The weekly envelope collection and offertory collection goes entirely towards parish funds which are used in the maintenance, insurance and upkeep of both parish Churches and parochial houses, to support parish projects and to finance a contribution of £5 per family to the Archdiocese. There are five Priests’ Dues Collections in each year. These collections go towards paying the salaries of the priests of the parish. The Archdiocese has decided a minimum salary level for priests. The dues collected are designated to meet the salary Any short fall in the dues collected is supplemented from the general parish income.  In addition there are a number of Diocesan Collections each year. Sick & Retired Priests. Education of Students for the Priesthood. Irish Episcopal Conference. Peter’s Pence.