Children’s Liturgy Group

The children’s Sunday Liturgy group has been running very successfully since September 2007 and is aimed to provide children from Primary 1-7 with a basic understanding of their faith. The children of the parish gather during Mass to hear a simplified and more childlike version of the Gospel – which is followed by a brief discussion where each child has the opportunity to talk and discuss their understanding of the Gospel. Each Sunday fun activities (related to the Catholic faith) are included to re-enforce what each child has heard and learnt. The children are also taught simple prayers like the Hail Mary, Glory Be To The Father, Our Father etc… as well as interesting stories of the Saints and some facts regarding the Mass.

All children have the opportunity to get involved with larger projects e.g. during the Advent period the Group concentrated on the Jesse Tree – the younger children made symbols for the tree, whilst the older children contributed by way of readings/explanations and also the creation of coloured banners brought to the altar every Sunday during Advent. Recently they studied the seven sacraments and also learned how to say the Rosary and have now got a better understanding of the new Mysteries of Light.

Children's Liturgy Group

Children are brought together in a relaxed, non-threatening environment and as well as experiencing the importance of their faith, new friendships have been formed, whilst old ones are still being maintained.

This year Cushla and Siobhan also completed a one day training session on Child Safety and Protection held in the Synod Hall at the Cathedral.

New members, helpers and ideas are always welcome!