Communications Development Group

The current membership of the Communications Development Group are:

  • Charles McCullagh (Convenor)
  • Niall Gallagher
  • Cushla McAtarsney
  • Sheila McGrane

Kilmore Parish Pastoral Council Communications Development Group Remit Agreed at PPC Meeting 1 September 2010

The Group shall:

  • Ensure that information about the Parish Pastoral Council and other activities relevant to fulfilling the Parish Mission are available to parishioners.
  • Aim to identify and meet the Parish – awareness needs of newcomers.
  • Aim to promote sensitivity towards those in the parish who may feel marginalised.
  • Promote a concept of mutual respect towards other Christians in our neighbourhood.

Proposed Outcomes 2013 – 2016

1 Parish Newsletter

  • Review Circulation format and Method
  • Encourage increasing input from Development Groups
  • Develop a method for on-going evaluation by readers
  • Encourage input from Christian Action initiatives by parishioners

2 Parish Web Site

  • Continue the addition of archive material
  • Establish more frequent checks of content and increased ongoing editing
  • Review overall presentation

3 Outreach

Give further consideration to the needs of: The Housebound; New Parishioners, Immigrants/Seasonal Workers; Non Active Parishioners

4 Other Christians

  • Continue to promote the annual Christian Unity Week Service in our Parish.
  • Examine the potential for developing inclusive activity in keeping with the spirit of the Parish Mission