Stonebridge Parish Pastoral Centre

Interim Management Arrangements for the Operation of Stonebridge Parish Pastoral Centre

Constitution and General Guidelines


1.  This constitution and the accompanying general guidelines set out the Interim Management Arrangements for the Operation of Kilmore Parish Pastoral Centre, Stonebridge.

2.  The general management of Kilmore Parish Pastoral Centre, Stonebridge, shall be managed by the Parish Finance Committee, under the leadership of V Rev Fr Oliver Brennan, PP.

3.  Kilmore Parish Pastoral Centre is owned by the Diocesan Trust with the primary beneficiaries being the people of the Kilmore Parish.


1(a) The Parish Pastoral Centre shall provide facilities for religious, cultural and educational activities, recreation and leisure for the parishioners who live in the parish of Kilmore and adjoining areas.

1(b) The Parish Pastoral Centre shall be available for the use of parish groups and parishioners who wish to hire the parish centre. Other established groups, may hire the parish centre for such activities as are deemed acceptable.

Responsibilities and Duties

1 (a) As an interim arrangement, the Parish Finance Committee (PFC) under the leadership of the Parish Priest shall be responsible for all activities in the Parish Pastoral Centre and shall have the responsibility to determine the allocation of space and times to the various user groups and to control the use of the parish centre.

(b) The PFC shall monitor and supervise the use of the Parish Pastoral Centre and the Parish Priest and his nominated representative(s) shall have the right of access to the Centre at all times for this purpose.

(c) The PFC shall be responsible for attending to minor repairs and the maintenance of the Parish Pastoral Centre.

(d) For such time as the Parish remains the employing authority and until a new employing authority is established, the PFC shall be the managing authority for all staff and staff employment issues in the Parish Pastoral Centre.

(e) It is strongly recommend that all user groups of the Parish Pastoral Centre should have their own public liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of not less than £1million.

(f) Items other than those supplied by the Parish Pastoral Centre are not covered under the Parish Pastoral Centre’s public liability insurance and the ‘hirer’ must produce an insurance certificate to cover such an item and indemnify the Parish from any liability before the booking shall be accepted.

In the case of bouncy castles (or similar equipment), the hirer booking the Parish Pastoral Centre shall be provided with a list of the Parish’s Insurer’s requirements.  The hirer will be required to accept these conditions in advance of their booking being accepted.

(g) All user groups shall be required to give to the Parish Priest a written and signed assurance that they have a recognised Child Safeguarding policy before they are allowed to use the parish centre facilities.

(h) The Parish Priest shall ensure that the Parish Pastoral Centre complies with all aspects of the law regarding Health and Safety with no budgetary restrictions.


(a) The PFC shall have overall responsibility for discipline within the Parish Pastoral Centre and its immediate surrounding area (car park).

(b) The PFC shall, where due cause appears, have the power to suspend any individual or group from using the Parish Pastoral Centre or from participation in specified or all activities in the Parish Pastoral Centre.

(c) The PFC shall have the power to require any person or group found responsible for damage to or the loss or misappropriation of any part of the Parish Pastoral Centre’s fixtures, fittings or equipment to make good same at the expense of such person or group.



  1. All applications for the hire of the Parish Pastoral Centre should be made to: Fr Oliver Brenann PP, Parochial House, 114, Battlehill Road, Stonebridge, Richhill, Co, Armagh, BT61 8QJ.  Tel (028) 3887 1661
  2.  Centre bookings must be confirmed in writing; booking forms are available for this purpose and must be completed before commencement of use. For occasional bookings, the relevant suggested donation for hire of the Parish Pastoral Centre will be due and payable in advance whether or not the Parish Pastoral Centre is used, unless written notification of cancellation is received not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the booking/first use of the Centre.
  3. Persons hiring any of the Parish Pastoral Centre’s facilities must arrange to have sufficient responsible personnel in attendance to ensure there is no noisy or disorderly conduct, and to prevent damage to the Centre premises, furniture and fittings therein, including the surrounding flowerbeds. No furniture or fittings shall be used for any purpose other than that for which they are provided, nor should they be removed from the Parish Pastoral Centre.
  4. It is the duty of hirers and visitors to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with the PFC in ensuring that the premises, including the car park, are safe and do not pose a risk to the health of those using the centre.
  5. Equipment provided by users shall conform to health and safety regulations and shall be in good condition and capable of easy storage. However, Kilmore Parish shall have no responsibility for the loss or damage to any equipment and have the right to refuse storage of any item.
  6. The maximum number of persons to be accommodated on the premises at any one time depends on the proposed activity; for the avoidance of doubt, the organiser should provide Fr Brennan with details of the number of their anticipated users.
  7. The hirer will be made aware of fire safety provisions before hiring the Parish Pastoral Centre. The hirer will then take responsibility to ensure that adequate arrangements are made for responding to emergencies should any arise during the period of hire.
  8. All approaches to and from passages within the premises shall be kept entirely free from any obstruction. The arrangement of seating and tables in the Parish Pastoral Centre must be such as to allow free and unobstructed access to the exits. It shall be the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that where disabled persons are present, appropriate, safe arrangements are made for their safe evacuation in the event of fire as may be reasonable in the circumstances.
  9. When children are present, the requisite number of attendants from the user group shall be present to control the movement and take precautions for the safety of the children. The guidelines of the Play Groups’ Association or other relevant body shall be followed. The hirer shall satisfy himself/herself as to the safety and suitability of the facilities for the purpose and an overall responsible person shall be on duty during the whole time the children are on the premises.
  10. User groups hiring the centre where children are present must comply with a recognised Child Safeguarding policy.
  11. The hirer shall seek the permission of the Parish Priest if he/she intends to engage in any activities on the centre premises (including the car park) that would introduce additional or special risks. The use of sound effects, smoke bombs, smoke generators, flash powder, flash boxes, detonators and similar items shall not be used. Fires, fireworks and the like are not permitted. Candles are not permitted unless they are an enclosed, protected type.
  12. The hirer shall not engage in any activity which could cause a disturbance.
  13. No extension or alteration shall be made to any electrical installation without the permission in writing of the Parish Priest.
  14. The hirer shall not interfere with the lighting or heating of the hall.
  15. A First Aid box is provided and is kept in the kitchen. The Caretaker, Declan McCann, should be notified if any First Aid supplies are used. All accidents must be entered by the hirer in the accident book and the Caretaker notified. Hirers are recommended to arrange for a qualified first aider to be present at all events at the hall.
  16.  Nails or pins must not be driven into walls or woodwork. Adhesive tape must not be used on any paintwork.
  17. The hirer shall specify the precise use to which the Parish Pastoral Centre will be put when making the booking.
  18. No alcohol shall be sold or supplied unless an ‘occasional licence’ for the Parish Pastoral Centre is in force. An ‘occasional licence’ may be acquired by a group for a particular function at their own expense and with the prior approval of the PFC. This licence must be produced to the PFC at least 48 hours before the particular function. The group hiring the centre or part thereof shall at all times comply with the terms and conditions upon which such ‘occasional licence’ has been issued and shall indemnify the Parish against any breach, non-observance or non-performance thereof which may occur during or in connection with the hiring.
  19. Smoking is not permitted in the Parish Pastoral Centre.
  20. Prior to any theatrical or other entertainment performance taking place a licence may be required from the local authority. Where this is the case, the hirer shall exhibit the licence on the notice board in the Parish Pastoral Centre foyer.
  21. The hirer shall treat the Parish Pastoral Centre  as if it were his/her own property and shall return the centre in as good a condition as it was in when he/she took it over at the beginning of the hire. The hirer is expected to hand back the Parish Pastoral Centre in a clean and tidy condition before leaving, including disposal of rubbish and sweeping the hall floor, as appropriate.  Implements are supplied for this purpose.  The hirer is responsible for removing their rubbish from the Parish Pastoral Centre.
  22. For large meetings the hirer has a responsibility to ensure the maximum use is made of the car park to minimise congestion.
  23. Before vacating the premises, the hirer must ensure that the Parish Pastoral Centre is promptly cleared.
  24. Any damage to the Parish Pastoral Centre must be reported to the Caretaker and the hirer shall pay for the repair or replacement as necessary.
  25. Any complaints must be made in writing to the Parish Priest.
  26.  The PFC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any bookings or to close any part of the building at any time.
  27. Parish functions shall have priority over all bookings.
  28. The PFC in conjunction with the Parish Priest, further reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the above terms and conditions at any time.
  29. The keyholders of the Parish Pastoral Centre are Declan McCann and Paul Hughes.  Arrangements to access the Centre can only be made via the Parish Priest or to his designated representative, not through the key holders.
  30. The schedule of suggested donations for hire of the Parish Pastoral Centre are detailed in Appendix 1 (attached).


Appendix 1

Stonebridge Parish Pastoral Centre

Suggested Donations for hire of Pastoral Centre Facilities


Main Hall:

£15 per hour

Committee Room:

£10 per hour


Family Pastoral Occasions

  • Post Funeral Mass                                            £50 – £100
  • Post Month’s Mind or Anniversary Mass       £50
  • Post Christening                                                £50
  • Post Wedding                                                     £50

Whole Centre (eg for fundraiser, full wedding reception) By prior agreement with the Parish Priest